Website’s search engine optimization

What is SEO?

Website’s search engine optimization, , also referred to as SEO, is a set of tasks that aim at achieving the most favorable position possible in organic (natural) Google search results for specific keywords.

The first stage is to perform a keyword research to select the most sensible phrases. Professional SEO is predominantly based on:

  • building a strong link profile,
  • creating engaging content,
  • technical optimization of the website with its users and search engine crawlers in mind.

What factors influence website’s position in a search engine ranking?

In order to optimize a website properly, it is necessary to know what impact website ranking. It is not a simple task, for Google prepares the list of results basing on several factors. The key of them that SEO experts focus on are:


  • use of Title and Description tags,
  • proper structure of H1-H6 headers,
  • internal linking structure,
  • HTML code validity,
  • website loading time,
  • website responsiveness or mobile version,
  • implementation of the SSL certificate and a safe HTTPS protocol.


  • amount of text on the website,
  • content uniqueness,
  • keyword density,
  • content quality – satisfying information-related needs of users.


  • number of links to other websites and their quality,
  • Link growth.


Social platforms indirectly impact the position of a website in search results. They are also the place for distributing content and communicating with users. Creating account in certain social media may positively affect website traffic.

Advantages of website’s SEO – impact on website traffic

A high position in search results directly translates into a greater number of visits. The higher the position in the search engine ranking , the greater the traffic generated (Source: Chitika The Value of Google Result Positioning Report; ):

A website holding the 1st place in search results is visited by 32,5 % of users, 2nd place is visited by 17,6% of them, whereas website ranking 5th for a given keyword is visited by only 6,1 % users. Results from the first page of search results are of key importance for they account for 91,5% of overall website traffic. The second page allows to reach 4,8%, users whereas the third one – only 1,1%.

Aside from website traffic increase, a proper SEO can also ensure improved brand presence and competitiveness on the market. A website that is regularly displayed in search results is remembered better by prospective clients.

How does the SEO process look like?

Website’s search engine optimization is an ongoing process requiring engagement during its every stage. SEO yields some results after some time and reaching a TOP3 position is not a guarantee that a given website will stay there for the consecutive months.

The positioning website in search engines process (that is frequently preceded by pre-positioning) typically involves 5 main stages:

Selection of keyphrases is the key stage on which the efficiency of all other steps depends. It is worth opting for phrases relating to the offer and directing clients to chosen subpages.

Website verification, identifying website functioning-related problems, and preparing guidelines connected with optimization are of utmost importance here. At this stage, we adjust the website to the requirements of Google search engine. Sometimes even SEO optimization alone may translate into a better position in Google search results.

Websites that have an interesting, unique and SEO optimized content are promoted in search results. We prepare our materials by taking into account the needs of users and robot indexing. The publication of an engaging content has a remarkable impact on the position in search results – our service includes both SEO Copywriting and Content Marketing.

We gather valuable links that will lead to increasing the position of the website in search results and contribute to creating a varied link profile. A link building strategy is prepared for each and every website individually.

We analyze customer’s website in a regular manner to verify the efficiency of the assumed strategy. Said efficiency is checked by means of, among others, Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Basing on analysis outcomes, we prepare new optimization guidelines (re-optimization).

How much does SEO cost?

The cost of optimizing of a website depends on various factors and that is why SEO services are typically valuated individually after analyzing a given website and discussing business goals with its owner. At Artefakt, we offer several settlement methods:


It is the most popular settlement form that allows for optimizing a given website in a comprehensive manner. Cooperation terms (amount to be paid, positioning duration, and scope of services) are specified before concluding an agreement. The main advantage of this form of settlement is the possibility of planning the budget. The client knows from the very start how much he or she will have to pay. He or she can also terminate the agreement after a short notice period.


Amount to be paid depends on website traffic and specified fee per session. Said settlement model is most frequently chosen by online shops and informational sites renting advertising space. Similarly to conversion fee, the budget is difficult to estimate.


Mixed settlement models for positioning services in search engines combine the benefits of pay-per-outcome and lump sum systems. For both parties to be satisfied with the agreement concluded, both subscription and success fee are implemented. The latter is dependent on the position of phrases, traffic, and conversions.


In the case of this model, a SEO company calculates a payment that is based on a fixed subscription and a variable conversion-based payment that may be understood as, among others, making a purchase in the shop or filling in a contact form.

What affects SEO price?

  • Branch of industry the entrepreneur operates in,
  • Keyword competitiveness (the less popular the phrase, the cheaper the service and the quicker the outcome),
  • Website quality (content, structure, CMS),
  • Domain age,
  • Number of keywords chosen for optimization ,
  • Current link profile,
  • Possible search engine penalties imposed by algorithms,

How to measure effects?

  • Website’s position in search results for specific keywords. It is becoming gradually less valid – positions are personalized and depend on the location and search history.
  • Traffic statistics – reports taken from, e.g. Google Analytics. Key factor here is the excess of traffic in comparison with the number of visits before starting cooperating with the agency.
  • Conversions – position of a given website in search results should be connected with an increased activeness of users visiting it. If a website has not been generating more income while being ranked high, there is the need to look for causes and draw proper conclusions.

To ensure an effective optimization a SEO company generates regular reports relating to efficiency measures, thanks to which it is possible to analyze the outcomes of performed undertakings and correct the assumptions of the selected SEO strategy.

How to choose a decent company
for website‘s SEO?

The best solution is to send offer requests to few selected companies. It is important for such a request to include a set business goal. By familiarizing with it, a SEO company will be able to adjust its offer to meet customer’s specific needs. After receiving initial offers, the most beneficial one should be chosen and negotiations should be started.


  • is experienced in optimizing a website for search engines from a given branch of industry,
  • has obtained a Google Analytics certificate,
  • does not guarantee reaching a specific position in search results,
  • has a high position in effective company rankings,
  • has cooperated with well-known brands and received references from them,
  • has its own SEO background,
  • focuses on customer’s expectations while creating a strategy,
  • adjusts keywords to website’s profile,
  • proposes various settlement variants (success fee, lump sum),
  • creates an agreement that is beneficial for both parties and has a short notice period,
  • provides its service by appointing a professional who takes care of regular communication,
  • Systematically issues effect-related reports.

Does/SEO ensure a high position?

Agencies perform various actions that aim at increasing website’s position in the ranking, but they cannot guarantee a specific position in search results. The ranking is managed by Google, which frequently implements rapid and unexpected changes that may affect the order in which websites are displayed to users. Aspects that are outside experts control are:

  • changes made to ranking-algorithms,
  • actions performed by the competition,
  • hacker attacks,
  • website’s system error codes ,
  • issues connected with an improper website functioning.

The main goal of a SEO expert is to address the occurring changes and adjust the utilized strategy to them in order to ensure that the website does not fall down in the ranking.

We offer website’s SEO adjusted to various needs

Aside from standard SEO , we also offer services adjusted to specific assortments and branches of industry.


E-commerce branch of industry poses SEO challenges in terms of content uniqueness, website popularity improvement, and technical solutions that are typical for various shop-oriented scripts. We focus on selecting phrases that will convert well and thanks to which not only the popularity of the website, but also conversion rate will be boosted.


The selection of a long tail and the proper expansion of website content make it possible to lower customer acquiring cost and make the system less vulnerable to changes of the position of individual phrases. The website is then optimized with regard to more advanced and longer phrases. Said strategy is one of the most efficient ones when it comes to optimizing shops and websites.


A comprehensive analysis of website content, links redirecting to it, as well as a professional approach to optimizing the linking profile makes it possible to expect a positive response from Google after sending a request for the filter to be removed (either a manual one, or the so called Google Penguin).


Verification of the adjustment of the website to the requirements of various search engines , the analysis of linking profile, or a generated report relating to undertakings performed by the competition will make it possible to make proper decisions and make some savings.


The combination of SEO and ePR undertakings in order to increase the number of online materials relating to a given company and oriented towards the creation of its positive image on the Net. The typically performed actions in this case are, among others, monitoring comments left online, requesting negative reviews to be removed, and creating valuable articles promoting the brand.


Local SEO is a strategy addressed to websites of companies operating on a local market. SEO actions are then based on optimizing target websites for phrases including names of cities or towns (e.g. website optimization Wroclaw), as well as creating individual link profiles for every page.


The strategy in question is predominantly addressed to entrepreneurs operating on seasonal markets, who would like to promote their goods during a particular timeframe. Within the scope of the discussed SEO service, temporary and occasional phrases are optimized . It is vital to start promotional undertakings earlier, in order to boost the position of chosen keywords before and during the period of an increased demand for given products.


The strategy involves promoting a given website on international markets by using many search engines. At Artefakt , we offer SEO in Germany, Great Britain, the USA, and Czech Republic. We adjust proper keywords, optimize websites, and provide links from foreign websites.

Take advantage of our knowledge and experience in website’s SEO!

For over 12 years of operation, the representatives of Artefakt have managed to obtain a lot of experience and knowledge. 30 knowledgeable SEO experts have been working on websites of our clients and approaching them in an individual and comprehensive manner. We do our best for the optimized websites to appear on top positions in search engines, as well as to stay there for as long as possible. Our efficiency is additionally proved by our references.


In 2014, we were awarded for a remarkable increase in company’s value.


Internet Maker Magazine considers us to be one of the best SEO agencies on the market.


According to Media & Marketing Poland’s research, we have a real impact on the amount of sales.

After placing an order for website’s SEO, you will be granted:

  • support of a SEO expert, who will plan the entire process, explain its key aspects, as well as will provide the service and supervise it at every stage,
  • additional support of a team of experts that can provide you with their help with regard to Content Marketing, website modification, and online analytics,
  • detailed website audit, the result of which will be comprehensive optimization guidelines,
  • regular acquisition of links leading to the website,
  • verification of the assumed strategy and website re-optimization,
  • monthly reports on website visibility in search results.

SEO successes of our clients

We support both big websites and small companies having relatively small webpages. We have achieved numerous successes in terms of helping sites reach top positions. Examples of some of such achievements can be found below:

We have been cooperating with the website since 2012 and have focused on increasing its visibility in search engine ranking. We regularly analyze the website in terms of meeting Google requirements, audit the content, as well as build a link profile. In the course of our cooperation, organic traffic on the website has increased several times and its Google visibility has been much greater.

Archicom is a leading developer on the Wroclaw housing market. Within the scope of our cooperation, we have focused on search engine promotion and website optimization. Later on, we also launched some online campaigns. As a result, website traffic increased two times within just a year.

Archipelag design studio has been selling projects of houses. At the beginning of our cooperation, the website had a rather low visibility in Google. Thanks to the implemented website optimization, link building strategy, and content marketing undertakings, the website has appeared in TOP10 for most competitive phrases. What is more, its website traffic has increased by 80%.

Our references

Below, there are some references we have received from our satisfied customers:

„As we wanted to increase the presence of our company in the e-commerce branch of industry, we decided to start cooperating with Artefakt L.L.C in 2015. Since then, we have been observing a gradual increase of traffic on the website and revenue generated.”

Organique L.L.C.

„We have been cooperating with the Artefakt L.L.C. since 2014. We have taken advantage of top quality SEO services and we have acknowledged engagement, knowledge, and experience the experts have been willing to share with us while solving everyday issues with our website.”

„We are very satisfied with our cooperation with the Artefakt Company. The entire cooperation period has been characterized by a respectful approach, which undoubtedly made it easier to reach an agreement in the case of the unexpected circumstances occurring. We can wholeheartedly recommend the company due to the quality of services it provides and measurable results that it can help achieve.”

Selo Energia L.L.C.