Web analytics

What is web analytics?

Web analytics is based on gathering and analyzing data directly relating to the traffic generated by and behavioral patterns of users within a given website. The major goal of such analytics is to propose optimization that may positively impact conversion rate and the visibility of a particular website in search results.

Uses of web analytics

A remarkable advantage of online marketing is a notable availability of data allowing to:

  • assess the efficiency of managed campaigns,
  • improve website functioning,
  • specify clients’ profile.

To take the full advantage of such capabilities, there is the need to utilize a proper software, have some experience in handling it, as well as to be knowledgeable in the field. Web analytics offered by our professionals is based on Google Analytics – the most popular web analytics service and gathering statistics relating to websites.

Learn more about your users
thanks to data analysis

Pieces of information relating to users – or rather prospective customers – visiting the website make it possible to learn more about them. By using Google Analytics tools, an expert can perform up to 200 data examination-oriented undertakings. By juxtaposing the available data, we can create segments which can be understood as groups of users visiting the website. Thanks to said approach, we are capable of adjusting a given website to the needs of its clients better. Examined fields may be, among others:

  • website users (demographics – age or sex, geographical data, fields of interest, technology),
  • sources of visits (source, medium, keywords, campaign),
  • browsed content (content analysis, landing page, exit pages).

The most frequently used data (quantitative examination outcomes) are sessions, users, websites/session, views, medium session time, and bounce rate. An interesting extension of segmentation function is cohort analysis, which allows for combining groups of clients basing on their common features. Thanks to the said method, it is possible to track behavioral patterns of created groups of people for a specified period of time.

Marketing analytics
improves the efficiency of undertakings performed

Website traffic analysis allows for efficiently optimizing marketing campaign costs. By comparing the number of visits from particular sources (for example: search engine ads – Google Adwords, banners, or SEO) to expenses connected with generating a given traffic, it is possible to specify which undertakings have granted a remarkable return of investment and which could be easily limited. Aside from the number of sessions from chosen sources, we also analyze their key parameters, such as bounce rate or conversion rate.

Services provided within the scope of web analytics

Conversion optimization

Thanks to using Google tools, we can ensure that provided analyses and guidelines are based on confirmed data sets (the so-called metric-driven design). Such pieces of information allow us to specify potential causes of underwhelming results and errors that may pose some problems for users. Additional A/B tests allow for checking the validity of changes introduced, especially in the case or websites where conversion (understood in terms of sales, newsletter subscriptions, filled in contact forms, etc.) is the key.

Google Tag Manager

Our experts are always up-to-date with new tools and functions. They are all holders of Google Analytics certificates and utilize such innovative solutions as Google Tag Manager. With its help, data analysis can be performed by marketing professionals without the necessity of engaging the IT department. Our workers can also take advantage of various attribution models – such a method allows for assessing marketing channels better by ascribing conversion to various nodes of conversion path.

Path to purchase optimization

E-commerce is a vast field and clients may choose from thousands of shops offering them a similar assortment. Quite frequently, path to purchase may make or break a deal. A proper optimization of the order placement process helps lower the percentage of abandoned carts while at the same time increasing the amount of finalized transactions. Our online analyst will create a comparative report for selected competitive websites and compare the structure of the order placement page by taking into account key UX elements and therefore increasing the number of transactions.

User behavior reports

Quite frequently, online shop owners are sure that they know their clients, as well as their needs and expectations. Users are becoming more and more conscious and they are changing their preferences, which can be observed while looking at decreasing sales or increasing bounce rate. In order to prevent that, it is paramount to meticulously analyze data on the behavior of users visiting the website. It is also worth learning more about the demographics of the clients to create even more efficacious marketing strategy and reach people who will be truly interested in it. Web analytics experts will analyze both behavioral patterns and profiles of users, providing you with all the key data in the form of a comprehensive report. You will be able to take advantage of it to perform efficient business undertakings.

Advantages of web analytics

  • Conversion rate improvement,,
  • Improving sales by identifying bottlenecks,
  • Gathering information on path to purchase taken by a user from entering the website till transaction completion,
  • Learning more about behavioral patterns of users to propose changes to be introduced to website’s structure,
  • Preparing client’s profile (including, among others, his or her demographics, device and browser used, etc.) and specifying a target audience to which the offer should be presented,
  • Ongoing analysis of statistics relating to traffic on the website,
  • Verifying the popularity of individual product subpages and sections of the website,
  • Measuring the efficiency of the website in reaching key goals of the business, as well as formulating proposals on possible budget transfers,
  • Specifying the performance of online advertising campaigns.

What is conversion rate optimization all about?

Conversion rate optimization allows to achieve business goals more efficaciously. By using the GA tool, we perform a detailed data analysis that helps:

  • Increase the number of website visits,
  • Canvass new clients or users,
  • Generate more income from sales.

While knowing the needs and expectations of a client, we can create the best conversion rate optimization strategy, which makes it possible to boost company’s position and realize its business plans. User behavior changes dynamically. Analytical tools allow to adjust the website to it and gather valuable traffic.

Learn more about conversion rate

Not every user visiting a given website may be interested in it. Conversion rate shows how many users are those who have performed a specific action, such as signing for a newsletter or purchasing goods from an online shop. Conversion rate is a measure of efficiency of actions performed within a given website and the e-commerce field as such. By taking note of changes taking place every month, it is possible to verify, among others, the performance of PR and marketing undertakings.

Optimize the website for your users

Modern research tools made it possible to track user behavior (Eye Tracking). We analyze the so-called heatmaps and check spots of the website where users spend the majority of the time. Gathered data facilitate creating a website structure that is user-friendly. Category ordering and a proper arrangement of website section affects conversion rate positively.

Improve the sales process

Thanks to data gathered by means of Google Analytics and other tools utilized by our experts, it is possible for us to optimize the sales process. Many clients leave a website at its very first stage. By implementing some changes and simplifying some steps the user has to go through, it is possible to increase the number of orders placed and therefore – income generated.

Google Tag Manager

An increasing number of websites, especially the more prominent ones, have the Google Tag Manager service installed. Menadżer Tagów Google is a toll-free tool allowing marketers to manage individual marketing codes in a more effortless manner and without requiring them to possess advanced programming knowledge.

Common problems with Google Tag Manager

Clients contacting us often have some difficulties with handling GTM. The most common error is the existence of two installed instances of the same Analytics code – with the one being implemented in the source code and the second one via GTM. Yet another commonplace issue is the lack of proper rule or tag configuration of the Google Tag Manager, which causes gathered statistical data to be unreliable.

Migration to Google Tag Manager

If you do not know how to install the Google Tag Manager service not to lose the continuity of your statistics relating to, for example, events of conversions, feel free to familiarize yourself with our offer. We will gladly create a plan for you with a comprehensive schedule. You will be sure that all the vital elements will be implemented.

Elastyczność narzędzia Google Tag Manager

It has to be noted that GTM tool is flexible enough to allow for the installation of all other marketing codes, including those not created by Google. We can help configure tags for Facebook, Criteo and Crazy Egg campaigns. Focus on the quality and reliability of analytical services – start cooperating with us.


The more you know about people visiting your website, the easier and quicker it will be for you to adjust it to their needs and earn more. A complex examination of marketing undertakings will make it possible for you to use your marketing budget more sensibly. It will all be achievable thanks to reports prepared by our experts.

Learn more about your users and their behavior

A key to success is to know your customers and their needs. Reports provided to you may include:

  • profile of users visiting your website and their actions (have you familiarized yourself with user explorer yet?),
  • unwanted exit points,
  • marketing sources generating most valuable traffic.

Those are just simple examples. Our reports are always adjusted to client’s business needs. If you would like to know what pages are viewed by iPhone users on Mondays and if conversions are better on sunny or rainy days – we can check that. We will also help you specify what data should be included in our report.

Gain some and save some

Thanks to our help, you will not only be able to accommodate to the needs of your clients, but you will also save a lot. We are able to meticulously analyze traffic sources that are most valuable. Contrary to what some may think, those are not always the ones leading to most direct conversions. What is more: we will also check which actions are overinvested and suggest where to move your funds to make the most of online marketing.

Information within your reach

Reporting service may be provided in a singular or recurring manner. We can create a dedicated panel, by using which you will be able to check key data without the need of looking for them over and over again. The solution in question is especially valued by managerial staff and company chairmen. We can also provide you with a Google Data Studio dynamic report.

Web analytics allows to gather all key data you may need. We will help you reach and interpret them. What is more, we will create a report your business needs from scratch.