Sponsored links

What are sponsored links?

Sponsored links are text ads published in Google search engine and presented to the user above and below organic search results. It is one of the most efficient methods of online advertising settled in the PPC (Pay Per Click) model. Ads are displayed after the user has typed in a keyword specified by the advertiser. Clicking the ad redirects the user to the website including the offer.

Targeting sponsored links campaign

Sponsored links Google campaigns can be configured and managed via the Google Ads (AdWords) system. A proper campaign setup allows to reach people that search for items that are strictly connected with the offer of the advertiser. Additionally, ads published in the search engine can be targeted at individuals of specific sex and age, staying in a given localization, and browsing the Net on a particular date. Thanks to that, such promotional materials can reach their recipients when they are most likely to familiarize themselves with advertiser’s offer and making a purchase. Targeting by using meticulously chosen keywords and narrowing down the group of prospective recipients makes it possible for sponsored links campaigns to increase sales of promoted products and services.

Creating ads to be displayed in Google search engine

Text ads, which are also referred to as sponsored links displayed in a browser, incorporate two headers (of max. 30 characters), text below them (up to 80 characters), and URL address, the path of which includes two text fields of 15 characters each that are additionally separated with a slash. Together with text ads, some additional promotional extensions can be displayed to provide the user with additional pieces of information. They increase the size of the ad. Currently, AdWords allows for 11 different extensions. The most popular of them are: sitelink extensions, call extensions, location extensions, callout extensions and structured snippet extensions.

Benefits of Google Ads sponsored links

AdWords campaigns in a search engine are one of the most effective forms of promotion on the Net. It should not be a surprise, therefore that in Poland, expenses on the said promotion method are increasing every year. The most vital advantages of sponsored links campaigns are:

Quick effect – ad is displayed right after its configuration and adding funds to user’s AdWords account,

Accuracy – ad reaches users who look for particular products or services by typing in specific keywords,

Flexibility – system allows for a quick and easy implementation of changes in budgets of individual campaigns, as well as in ad texts, campaign settings, etc.,

Measurability – it is possible to gather exact statistical data relating to the efficiency of actions performed and particular elements of the campaign,

Easy setup – no advanced tools are needed for such campaigns. They can be created by the advertiser and modified to meet his or her needs,

Efficiency – advertiser is asked to pay only when a user visits his or her website.

Google Ads sponsored links - cost

Campaigns based on Google search engine can be settled in the PPC model, which means that the advertiser pays for clicks in ads, not for viewing them. The price of a single click is dependent on the fierceness of competition and the quality of an ad. Typically, the more the advertiser can pay for his or her promotional materials, the higher position they will take. CPC may vary from several groshes to even several zlotys. Costs of clicks directly translate into the budget that has to be invested for the campaign to allow for reaching satisfactory results, for example – in terms of website traffic or the increase in generated income.

Amount that should be invested in a Google sponsored links campaign can be estimated by taking advantage of the so-called Keyword Planner. Said tool specifies possible costs of clicking certain keywords and identifies competition fierceness for them. If the advertiser is not experienced in planning such campaigns, it is highly advised for him or her to opt for the support of a professional agency that will help to select the most profitable promotion channels and set the optimal advertising budget. By taking advantage of such services, one has to remember about additional fees (see: AdWords price list). However, the investment will surely pay for itself after several months of managing an effective marketing campaign.

Cooperation with Artefakt

Artefakt is a SEM agency, that has been obtaining experience in terms of managing AdWords/Google Ads campaigns since 2015. As of currently, 11 experienced SEM xperts exercise supervision over 800 campaigns. The total value of managed campaigns exceeds PLN 18 million.

We have been awarded with a prestigious Premier Google Partner status that confirms our skills in terms of managing effective sponsored links campaigns for customers from various branches of industry. We are capable of advising various solutions in terms of online promotion, as well as create a successful AdWords campaign. Google partners are typically the ones who are granted access to the most innovative tools and test their efficiency as the first ones. We also frequently host AdWords training sessions, including those hosted in collaboration with Google.


Efficient advertising on the Net

An AdWords expert will create an effective sponsored links campaign in compliance with customer’s needs and expectations. Perennial experience makes it possible for us to specify what keywords and settings to choose for the campaign to allow for reaching specific goals, such as increasing sales or boosting brand awareness.

After their launch, SEM campaigns are regularly monitored. We also introduce key changes aiming at optimizing them and increasing their performance. Our clients can contact an individual campaign supervisor at any time. He or she will explain how to interpret individual campaign-specific indicators, introduce vital changes, and report on campaign efficiency. The ability to save time and utilize the qualifications of experts are main reasons why it is worth entrusting AdWords campaigns to professionals.

Where are sponsored links displayed?

AdWords text ads are displayed predominantly in Google search results, but it is not the only place where they can be seen. For “sales-related” terms that are strictly connected with products and services, the system presents the user with up to 4 ads at the top and 3 at the bottom. They are highlighted by means of a green “Ad” tag.

Sponsored links can be also found in other Google services, such as: Google Play, Google Shopping or Google Maps. In all those cases, they are distinguished from free search results as well.

Those types of ads can be also displayed on the websites of partners being members of the network. Those are websites that utilize Google search algorithm.

Types of search engine AdWords campaigns

Sponsored links campaigns in Google Ads can serve a number of roles and help realize various business goals. Aside from standard text campaigns, AdWords agencies also recommend other types of search engine campaigns.

Call-only campaigns are displayed on smartphones. After clicking the ad, the user is not redirected to the website of the advertiser, but he or she rather calls said party directly. The header of such an ad includes a phone number, whereas the content of the ad should encourage the user to make a call. Such campaigns are perfect in the case of businesses oriented towards establishing communication with clients via phone.

Dynamic search ads are campaigns that are perfect for complementing traditional text ads, for they increase their reach. It is caused by the fact that keywords for which the ad is displayed are automatically adjusted by the system basing on the content of the website. Thanks to that, it is possible to display ads for terms connected with the business undertaking of the advertiser that have not been included in standard AdWords campaigns. Ad text and URL are also dynamically adjusted to the request of the user. It is a perfect solution for, among others, online shops with a vast selection of items.

To promote mobile applications, it is possible to utilize a unique type of search engine campaign that directs the user directly to a shop, by using which he or she can download an application on his or her device. In the case of such a campaign, it is exceptionally easy to configure download-based conversion measurements and – basing on data gathered – optimize the promotional undertakings performed.

If remarketing technique is taken advantage of, Google sponsored link will be displayed only to users who have recently visited the website of the advertiser. Thanks to that, information on the offer and new items or services will be presented to individuals who have been to advertiser’s website, but they still type in keywords connected to his or her assortment.

Who can take advantage of sponsored links campaign?

Such a Google AdWords campaign can be utilized by virtually any website owner, regardless of the size of his or her business, territorial reach, and branch of industry. Nevertheless, there are some exceptions. It is, for example, prohibited, to advertise firearms, gambling, and alcohol.

In order to start promotional undertakings, it is enough to register advertiser’s company in the Google Ads (AdWords) system, set the budget by paying the desired amount to the generated bank account, and configure the campaign.

Paid search engine campaigns can also be taken advantage of by entrepreneurs who perform SEO undertakings. Those two promotion methods do not negate one another. On the contrary, they improve one another’s efficiency.

What affects the efficiency of sponsored links?

For a search engine campaign to be effective, it is paramount to select proper keywords that would perfectly match the offer included on the website. The phrases should not be to general and ambiguous, as they will result in redirecting low quality traffic to the website. Without a remarkable number of hits for a given phrase, the ad may even not be displayed. It is vital to find a golden mean – phrases focusing directly on our offer.

The second important factor is the attractiveness of the advertising message. The text of a sponsored link should include information that will inspire the user and will encourage him or her to make a purchase. Such a piece of information may have the form of a notification about a lowered price, additional services, or quick order realization time. There are many options, so it is worth learning which elements are considered to be of utmost importance for the users to then include them in the Google Ads adverts.

Yet another paramount aspect is the position of the advertisement. The lower it is presented in search results, the lower number of users will click it. Theoretically, it should not be a problem in the case of a limited budget, when the advertiser is focused on low cost per click. One has to remember however that in some branches lower ad position may mean a poorer conversion rate.

Aside from the mentioned aspects directly connected with campaign settings, the proper structure of the destination page is also of importance – it should present the offer that is in line with keywords and encourage users to make a purchase. Without a proper website, it is almost impossible to achieve satisfactory results of an AdWords campaign. One has to remember about presenting key aspects of the offer, intuitiveness, and user-friendliness. A neat layout should also not be neglected.

By taking care of the four elements specified above, there is a remarkable likelihood of creating a successful sponsored links campaign. In order to be sure that no point is omitted, it is advised to entrust the task to a professional AdWords agency.

Correlation between ad position and click-through rate (CTR)