Shopping campaigns

Google Shopping ads

What is a Google Shopping ad?

Google Shopping ad is a form of promotion dedicated to online shops. Thanks to their use, it is possible to promote individual products available online in the search engine. Adverts typically take the form of a short product presentation: they show its photo, title, price, and seller’s name.

Shopping campaigns in the Polish version of Google search engine are presented both within the main page of the search engine – above or to the right to search results, as well as in a separate tab called Google Shopping After clicking such an ad, the user is redirected directly to the subpage of a desired product and can purchase it straight away. Such campaigns are realized thanks to the integration with the Google Merchant Center system, which incorporates the so-called feed that is – a file including data on products.

Benefits for advertisers and users

A properly configured and regularly optimized shopping campaign is one of most effective methods of generating sales by an online shop. It allows to reach people looking for products being a part of shop’s assortment for a relatively low cost.

Shopping ads are appealing for recipients, for they provide them with photos and prices of desired items directly in the search engine.

Additionally, thanks to the integration with the Google Merchant Center, it is possible to launch dynamic remarketing, which reminds users about items they have browsed recently by displaying them in the form of banners.

Thanks to a shopping campaign, it is also possible to specify how users look for goods offered by our shop. Then, the identified phrases can be used for positioning or for standard text campaigns.


  • Attractive, graphic form that is distinguishable from text ads and organic search results,
  • Straightforward presentation of product price and possible promotions in the search engine,
  • Automatic adjustment of the product to phrases the user has been looking for. The system adjusts the ad to the request of the user, so with a proper optimization, a given ad can be displayed for the majority of requests connected with advertiser’s products, even is such phrases are rather complex.
  • Directing the user directly to the product page, where he or she can instantly familiarize himself or herself with offer details and make a purchase,
  • Reaching users at the end of the sales process, when he or she is familiar with the exact name of the product and looks for a shop where it is available,
  • Possibility of displaying ads of several products at once combined with a text ad for one request, which increases the likelihood of winning the attention of a client,
  • Possibility of effortlessly generating a file including data on products from numerous shopping systems supporting proper extensions and being popular in Poland,
  • Constant improvement of the Google campaign type by means of, among others, testing new forms of product presentation and allowing shopping ads to be displayed on YouTube.

How do product campaigns work?

To launch a shopping campaign, one has to create a file incorporating key data on the offered goods. It has to meet Google requirements and include decent quality descriptions for the system to be able to properly select keywords for which ads will be displayed. There are many ways of creating such a file. Some of them require programmer’s support.

After creating the file, it has to be uploaded to the Merchant Center panel and connected to the AdWords system in order to configure the campaign in a proper manner. The discussed process may turn out to be too challenging for beginners. If you want to launch a Google Shopping campaign quickly and effortlessly, it is recommended to opt for an agency experienced in managing such campaigns. An AdWords will also regularly monitor and improve Google Shopping campaign for it to help reach the most satisfying results possible.

Shopping ad cost

Shopping ads are settled in the PPC (Pay Per Click) model. The advertiser pays a set fee only when a user becomes interested in his or her ad, clicks it, and visits the website of the offered product. Cost per click in the case of Google Shopping is, similarly to AdWords campaigns, specified on the basis of an auction in which competing ads take part. The fiercer the competition, the higher the CPC (Cost Per Click). The advertiser may specify how much he or she is willing to pay for every click. If the price is too low, the advertiser may lose an auction and his or her ads will not be displayed.

Basing on our experience, we can state that costs of clicks in the case of shopping campaign are much lower than those for keywords in standard text campaigns. Such a state of affairs is caused by the fact that the discussed form of selling is available only for websites which have launched an online sales platform. Also, it was introduced in Poland much later than Google text ads, so it is still not wildly popular. It is yet another argument for opting for such a campaign.

Virtually any budget can be spent on a shopping campaign. Nevertheless, the more products we would like to promote and the fiercer the competition, the more expensive Google Shopping advertising will be. The budget can be also flexibly adjusted to the needs and business goals. It is possible to, for example, increase it during a specific season or during limited time offers. The higher the budget for the campaign, the more users will learn about advertiser’s online shop and familiarize themselves with his or her offer.

Cooperation with an agency

In order to sensibly manage the shopping ad budget, it is highly advised to take advantage of services provided by an experienced agency. It will make it possible to avoid mistakes that may negatively affect the profitability of the campaign, as well as to seek support of professionals who have launched similar promotional undertakings for various branches of industry. At Artefakt, we utilize various settlement methods that are perfectly adjusted to the needs of our Clients. Typically, our remuneration is a specified percentage of campaign’s budget. Feel free to check out our price list.

Artefakt has been a Google Partner since 2009. In June 2016, we were awarded with a prestigious status of the Premier Google Partner. Said acknowledgement proves our excellence in terms of launching shopping campaigns. On top of that, we have achieved an official Google specialization in the field of Google Shopping ads. We are one of the first companies in Poland which has tested the beta version of the PLA campaign (Product Listing Ads), which later on became shopping campaigns. We have successfully completed Google Shopping promotional actions for such clients as: Vobis, R-GOL, Fabryka Form and many smaller online shops.

Google Shopping tab

The „Shopping” tab was launched in the Polish version of Google search engine in September 2016. Within its framework, ads of advertisers managing their campaigns via Google Merchant Center are displayed. It is a price comparison platform, where users can find products that are interesting for them by typing in specific phrases. All the search results are sponsored, so it is yet another place to display shopping ads.

Analytics and reporting

Shopping campaigns allow for a detailed analysis and optimization with regard to the most effective product categories, brands, or even individual products available in a given shop. A properly configured conversion rate allows to indicate the most effective campaign elements, as well as to calculate income generated by ads of chosen products. AdWords experts working at Artefakt regularly monitor campaign indicators and indicate it with regard to sales or other goals set by the advertiser. Sometimes, it is more beneficial to focus on chosen product categories or goods with the highest margin rather than on the full offer of the shop. Such conclusions can, however, be drawn only after gathering enough data.

Thanks to the analysis of shopping campaigns, one can learn what products included in the shop are the most searched ones, which competitors offer them as well, what sells, and in what quantities. Such data can be helpful when it comes to campaign optimization and performing other promotional undertakings.

Shopping campaigns are a very effective tool of promoting goods available in online shops. Due to their flexibility and scalability, we recommend them to both small shops with a limited assortment and to large scale-ones with a remarkable offer. In both cases, they can result in a notable boost of sales.