SEO Audit

What is a SEO Audit?

SEO audit is a detailed analysis of a website with regard to its adjustment to the needs of modern search engines. Its aim is to improve website’s visibility and boost its position in organic (natural) search results.

The outcome of a SEO audit is a comprehensive documentation including website or e-shop optimization recommendations. WWW optimization in compliance with the provided tips makes it possible for the website to reach top search results in search engines.


Effects of implementing audit recommendations

  • Improvement of website quality assessment by adjusting it to search engine requirements,
  • Obtaining higher ranking positions for selected keywords,
  • Boosting organic traffic on the website,
  • Improving website visibility for long tail phrases,
  • Better adjustment of the website to users’ expectations,
  • More efficient search engine optimization,
  • Conversion rate optimization.

Price of a technical SEO analysis

The cost of preparing documentation including optimization-related recommendations may vary from a thousand (for smaller websites) up to several thousand zlotys ( in the case of bigger, more complex websites). At Artefakt, we audit all websites of our clients basing on a concluded SEO agreement without charging them extra for that. We also realize SEO analyses as separate paid services. In such a scenario, we provide a custom valuation based on the size of a website and the expectations of its owner.

Experience in performing website audits

By working on day-to-day basis with small websites, big web portals, and online shops, we have acquired necessary knowledge allowing us to execute professional SEO audits. We utilize proprietary tool and trustworthy applications to verify the validity of individual website elements with search engine recommendations. Conclusions drawn are then presented to the client in the form of a comprehensive document, in which most effective tips and solutions are provided. Small and medium-sized websites can be audited within 14, whereas bigger ones – within 21 working days. Website search engine optimization and website analysis are both executed by our specialised team tem involving SEO experts, Content Marketing professionals, as well as webmasters.

Auxiliary audits

We approach the needs of the owners of websites in a flexible manner. Aside from comprehensive audits, we also offer:


Optimization audit aims at checking if optimization has been performed properly and proficiently. The service is dedicated to companies, which would like to be sure that the recommended changes have been implemented efficiently, exhaustively, and with all the applicable rigorous standards in mind.

Service aimed at companies, which have taken advantage of SEO , but have not observed expected results. We can perform a detailed analysis of actions performed by a SEO agency and assess their efficiency. We also check if a given agency uses safe techniques that will not result in Google penalties.

Basing on our experience, we create a safe linking strategy and recommend the sources from which quality links leading to the website can be acquired. Currently, building popularity on the Net is oriented towards creating and publishing engaging content that incorporates referral links r to a given website.

Usefulness analysis allows to properly adjust the website to the needs of its users, directly increasing the conversion rate. Professional UX audits are recommended especially to online shops willing to improve their conversion rate, websites struggling with a remarkable number of abandoned carts, and web portals with an above-average bounce rate.

We can also perform competitive analyses with regard to search results. We check what SEO methods are taken advantage of by branch leaders and track most efficient solutions that can be successfully implemented within the website of our customer.

Scope of a comprehensive SEO audit


Published texts
We check if the published content is unique, exhaustive (we assess the content-to-code ratio), and optimized for search engines.

Keyword density
Our experts verify if the positioned keywords have been included in the content and assess their amount. We propose utilizing proper long tail phrases thanks to which the website will be visible for various variations of search requests.

Graphic elements
We take care of every image on the website to have an alt attribute and for its size not to be problematic for the server, as well as to ensure short page load time . We create recommendations with image search engine and generating valuable website traffic in mind.

Video elements
We advise on how to embed movie clips on the website for them to be responsive and not affect Page Speed negatively. The conversion of interactive elements is crucial importance, because it allows to lower the amount of content to be loaded.



We select the proper keywords – the effect is a list of phrases that should be used for SEO. Analysis is performed on the basis of customer’s requirements, branch specificity, monthly search volume , and the competitiveness of keywords.

Possible new keywords
We analyze trends in the branch the clients operates, actions performed by competitive companies, and prepare a set of proposed phrases that may be used to optimize.



Proper website displaying by web browsers
We verify website code in terms of compliance with W3C standards, so that it is displayed properly on all devices and in all web browsers.

We analyze the structure of headlines and keywords density. We especially focus on a H1 heading tag appearing on every subpage with key phrases.

Titles and meta tags
We check whether Title tag has been provided on every subpage and if it includes all the most important keywords. We focus on preparing unique description tags, thanks to which it is possible to win the attention of users utilizing Google.



URL structure
We recommend using more friendly URL addresses that will increase the accessibility of the website for search engine crawlers and make it easier for users to find what they look for on the website.

Canonical attribute
We recommend implementing canonical tag on websites that may create content duplicates resulting from, among others, the possibility of sorting and filtering products. In such a way, it is possible to specify content to be indexed.

Redirections within a website
We check if all subpages of the website are available. We also make a list of 301 redirections.

Pagination and sorting
In the case of a longer content, we recommend opting for pagination and sorting. The content (e.g. on a category subpage in the shop) will be then divided into fragments and will become more accessible for the users. What is more – page load time will be shortened.

Use of microformats
We propose using structured data for the website to be presented in the Google ranking together with extended descriptions (rich snippets), which will make it stand out from the crowd of competitive sites.

Internal linking
We provide recommendations relating to placing links in the content and directing both crawlers and users to subpages of the site that are of the highest importance.



Google Analytics data
We check trends relating to website traffic for a specified period of time, as well as identify bounce rate, and the number of new users acquired through particular subpages. We focus on behavioral patterns of users, analyze their path to purchase, examine bottlenecks and problematic sections, and finally – propose efficient solutions.

Google Search Console data
We verify if the website has not been penalized, filtered or banned , check indexing-related statistics, verify the validity of the implemented micro-formats, as well as specify if they are properly interpreted by a search engine. What is more, we analyze keywords for which the website is visible in organic search results.



Presence in Google My Business
In the case of customers operating on the local market, we recommend creating a Goggle My Business page. We provide our clients with optimization guide that will increase the visibility of the website in Google Maps.

Mentions in social media
We advise social media account optimization by adding a full website URL and publishing unique content together with keywords to optimize.


Validity of the robots.txt file
We verify what crawlers are blocked from visiting the website or its subpages. We exclude content that should not be present in Google ranking from indexing.

Sitemaps (including sitemaps graphic elements, and video clips)
We prepare sitemaps in compliance with webmaster guidelines. An XML file incorporates all URL addresses that should be indexed by Google.

Page speed
We specify page load time and optimize individual elements of its source code to lower the overall loading time.



Number of links
By utilizing proper tools, we estimate the number of links leading to a given website.

Link quality
We check if websites links to the analyzed website are quality links from the point of view of Google search engine. If not, we recommend removing some hyperlinks not to lower the position of the website in search results.

Link history and strategy
We analyze the increase in the number of links over time and prepare a link building and website traffic increase strategies.

Link type
We check anchor types and follow/nofollow attributes used in links redirecting to the website.

Examine your website regularly

Similarly to a vehicle, a website requires a comprehensive check-up at least once a year. Thanks to that, it will be possible to adjust it to new guidelines and ensure its stable, high position in search results. Google search engine constantly works on improving search results proposes to users. Ranking factors that affect website’s position change all the time. Make sure that your website is compliant with them!