Local SEO

What is local SEO?

Local SEO is a set of actions the aim of which is to improve the position of a given website in Google rankings for requests that are strictly connected with a specific location. By entering the hairdresser Wroclaw phrase, an internet user will be presented with URLs of barber shops operating in said city.

Local search engine optimization is also based on Google Maps presence. By being an owner of an optimized and properly promoted Google Map page, a client can make an appointment, read opinions of other users, or set the shortest route to the destination with only few clicks. Local SEO makes it possible to promote business undertakings within the borders of: a city, commune, province, district, and region.

With regard to local SEO, we offer our clients:

  • SEO Warsaw
  • SEO Cracow
  • SEO Wroclaw
  • SEO Poznan
  • SEO Torun
  • SEO Rzeszow
  • SEO Lublin
  • SEO Lodz
  • SEO Bydgoszcz
  • SEO Katowice

Google Maps SEO

Said technique is based on performing SEO-related actions aiming at improving website’s position on Google Maps. Optimizing Google My Business grants a remarkable edge to small local companies, as users can easily find their business undertakings near the place they are currently in.

While operating on a regional market, one has to focus on clients looking for products and services available in the closest proximity. Google tracks increases in the number of local requests typed in by users and provides them with personalized search results. Google Maps SEO allows business owners to become more competitive on the local market.

Local SEO grants benefits for small companies

Local SEO strategy is especially advised to entrepreneurs operating on a local market. Offering services or selling goods on a limited area requires reaching clients that are in a close proximity to the seat or branch of the company. If one manages a shop in Wroclaw, he or she does not want to reach people form Poznan, Warsaw, or Cracow. Due to the fact, the choice of proper local keywords (such as shoe repair Wroclaw) is the most efficient method of promoting regional businesses online.

What is more, while performing proper SEO undertakings, high positions of local phrases can directly translate into a more favorable position of general keywords for a particular location. It means that your ad will be visible to clients located in a close proximity to the business who have typed in keywords that have not included an exact location (for example – shoe repair). Such technical aspects of local SEO make it possible to achieve a remarkable success even without having a big budget (general phrases are competitive and rather expensive).

Benefits of local SEO strategy

  • Winning the attention of clients located close to the business,
  • Gaining an edge on the local market,
  • Building favorable business position in a given region,
  • Low cost of reaching and acquiring new clients,
  • Higher efficiency – possibility of reaching TOP10 position with a lower budget,
  • Satisfactory return of investment.

Reach mobile users thanks to Google Maps

Trends in search methods change in favor of mobile – an increasing number of users is utilizing smartphones or tablets to browse the Net. According to StatCounter, in 2016, mobile traffic constituted 39% of all Internet traffic. The value increased by 21 % in comparison to 2015. Mobile devices make it much easier to look for information that are vital for users at a given place and time. It is especially beneficial for local entrepreneurs, who have taken a proper care of optimizing their offer in Google Maps. Why is that?

A user may be in a city which he or she does not know. He or she wants to eat a good meal, so he or she grabs a phone and types in pizza Poznan or pizza near me.He or she is presented with food joints located in the closes proximity. The better the position of the page of a business owner, the higher the chance that his or her ad will appear at the top. In such a way, a local entrepreneur can reach people interested in his or her business.

How does local SEO look like?

Before signing an agreement with the client, we perform the so-called keywords research, within the scope of which we type in various variations of keywords that may be typed in by Google users in the Google search engine . Our clients can promote their websites for phrases including:

  • city or town – hedge trimming Wroclaw,
  • province – construction services Lower Silesia,,
  • district – new flats on Partynice,
  • region or a geographical area – houses for rent in Kaszuby..

An individual supervisor will create a regional SEO strategy for the website. During the first stage, a SEO audit will be performed. Its outcome will be guidelines relating to technical optimization and content optimization. Proposed changes will include, among others: meta tags, headers, adjusting the website for mobile devices, expanding content on individual subpages, and increasing the number of local keywords on them. It is also vital to have a Google My Business account and include a Google Maps module with the location of the business provided on the website.

Geolocation and local SEO

At the end of 2015, Google introduced the geolocation function to its search engine , which is based on personalizing search results on the basis of user’s location. In October 2017, the mechanism was improved further. The outcome of changes introduced in the algorithm are changes in results shown for general phrases depending on user’s location. Different pages are presented after typing in construction services phase in Kalisz and in Poznan.

Geolocation has an impact on the budget spend on optimizing a shop operating on the local market. General phrases are more expensive and competitive, as they are searched for by more users than location-specific ones, as well as they compete for a high position with more websites. Let us provide an example:

  • florist – 60,5 thousand searches per month,
  • florist Wroclaw – 6,6 thousand searches per month,
  • florist in Wroclaw – 40 searches per month.

A person being in Wroclaw and typing in floristin the search engine will be displayed adverts of businesses from Lower Silesia, as well as from some other regions. On the map located between organic search results, florists from Wroclaw rather than from the entire country will be indicated. In the case of typing in a keyword with an exact location, only florists from Wroclaw will be displayed. In both cases, some TOP 10 results will be identical.

What does it mean? While operating on the local market and knowing how the geolocation system works, it is not worth opting for general phrases. They are much more competitive and expensive, so reaching satisfactory results will be a time-consuming process. A better strategy is to focus on local SEO having a tremendous impact on business development and the ability to reach customers from a particular area.

Web SEO for various locations

The local SEO service is also directed at owners of chain shops, servicing points, and branches located in various cities or provinces. It will be perfect for companies having a single website, but several physical locations – each of them should be then optimized separately in order not to risk losing top positions for general phrases or those connected with the main location.

In this scenario, we realize a local SEO tactic that is based on creating separate landing pages for each and every branch. Informational pages will help optimizing phrases with location and providing clients with details relating to a specific branch, including – working hours, ways of reaching the place, or its special offers. Each landing page will be optimized for keywords adjusted to branch location. What is more, separate Google My Business account will be created for all branches.

Assuming such a local SEO strategy allows to efficiently and safely promote companies operating on several regional markets in the Net. Optimizing a single website for various locations would be ineffective and exceptionally costly.

Google My Business service and local SEO

More and more users utilize Google Maps to look for local businesses. Thanks to a toll-free Google My Business service, it is possible to specify the place where a given shop or company’s seat is located. Then, it is easy to add information that are useful for clients: working hours, contact data, photos showing the inside of the place, or some information on offered products. Quite recently, an option to publish a post encouraging to take advantage of a special offer has become available.

Aside from data set by the owner of the business on the Google Maps page, one can also check Google users’ opinions and reviews taken from such websites as Facebook or Booking.com. An average rating given to a place by users affects its position in local search results. It is also worth taking care of a proper reputation on Google maps and answer comments published by clients.

What are the benefits of having a Google Maps page?

Creating a Google My Business page takes only a few minutes. Business’ page will be visible on the map after account verification. Typically, a postcard with a code to be typed in will be sent to the seat of the company. After completing all the formalities, the company will become visible for the users and will be granted the following benefits:

  • acquiring users looking for local shops and companies,
  • receiving free content (e.g. photos and recommendations) sent by users,
  • business’ ad being published in various places – as a standard search result, in the local pack of search results, and in the Google Maps page section (on the right side of the screen),
  • gaining an edge on the local market,
  • increasing website’s visibility.

While realizing local positioning strategy, we always take care of visibility and a decent position of business’ page on Google Maps.

Develop your business with local SEO!

Owners of local shops and businesses that use Google Maps can benefit from a proper SEO . The increase of visibility of the website, ability to reach more users, more phone calls – all that can directly translate into achieving set business goals – sales, income increase, and business development. Our experience in realization of local SEO combined with your knowledge will surely improve your position on the regional market!