Facebook advertising

What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads is a system allowing to advertise products and services in the form of non-intrusive communicates published on Facebook, Instagram, and applications from the Audience Network group. Advertisers can choose from various ad formats, which can be adjusted to, among others, company’s specificity and recipient profile.

The most important function of Facebook ad is targeting, which is the possibility of specifying a target audience by utilizing various parameters. Facebook promotion allows companies to address content directly to users that can be interested in presented goods and services.

Benefits of a FB campaign

Facebook ads can create a number of opportunities, including:

lajk   boosting sales of goods and services,

lajk   ncreasing company’s presence on the Net,

lajk   increasing brand recognition,

lajk   acquiring new business contacts,

lajk   finding employees,

lajk   building strong relations with clients.

Campaign goal

Regardless of whether your company wants to showcase its new product, encourage users to take advantage of its offer, or look for new employees – a Facebook campaign has to have a precise goal. In the case of Facebook, it is of utmost importance. Campaign goals determine the format of an FB ad, its location, and recipients. Facebook advertising agency such as Artefakt helps customers specify exact, realistic, and measurable goals that will help identify the direction of marketing undertaking and in result contribute to the success of a managed campaign.

Facebook advertising – how much does it cost?

Facebook promotion ensures a remarkable flexibility in terms of budget – it can be launched for virtually any budget. The majority of advertisers utilize the most popular method – they create advertising materials that are later on put up for an auction. Said solution makes it possible to adjust parameters to be taken advantage of by the system while publishing an ad.

When it comes to configuration, Facebook campaign allows for selecting a daily or a total budget to be spent for the entire period of ad displaying. In the majority of cases, the minimum daily cost ranges from 1 to 5 dollars, but it all depends on selected campaign settings (for example – target group defined by basing on exact data). Set budget can be changed at any time. Facebook advertising campaign generates a specific cost for the specified outcome selected while setting a budget – it may be the number of clicks of a link or a thousand ad views. It is worth remembering that Facebook Ads is a service that requires the advertisers to pay advertisement tax.

We adjust the advertising budget to the needs of the client. Among Facebook users, we select a group of recipients that will be most interested in the offer, ensuring remarkable campaign outcomes. We charge 15 % of the total budget for the provided services, but no less than PLN 300 net per month.

Facebook ad reach

Promoting a website on FB and other social media makes it possible to maintain the interest of current customers and win over new ones. It is worth focusing on an appealing image campaign, which will help reaching a vast group of users. Facebook ads have an enormous reach and may reach a myriad of target audiences .

Precise selection of a target audience

The available Facebook tools allow to accurately specify the group of recipients who should be displayed marketing content. If your clients are people from a single city employed in the same field of industry, you can adjust an ad campaign to allow to reach exactly such users.

The system also grants the possibility of sending advertising content to Internet users in a specific situation, for example – right before childbirth, right after moving house, or after changing job. Thanks to that, you can select specific groups of people from millions of Facebook users.

On average, Facebook users spend several minutes a day on the platform, sharing an enormous amount of content relating to them personally. Basing on such data, the website specifies the preferences of recipients of ad materials.

Win the attention of clients and fans by utilizing various parameters

Age, gender , education, position, workplace, household structure, marital status, generation, etc.

Country, province, city, postal code, address, specified market area, etc.

Fitness and health, business and industry, food and drink, entertainment, technology, shopping and fashion, etc.

Digital activeness, habits, travelling, events and promotions, etc.

Facebook Ads remarketing campaigns

Advertising campaigns on Facebook can be precisely targeted to a specific groups of people. Do you want to reach current customers only? Do you want to win the attention of the users of a mobile app? Facebook remarketing campaigns will allow you to reach currently known customers.

The selection of a custom group of recipients makes it possible to create an effective remarketing campaign. Said option is based on displaying marketing materials to users who have visited the website of the company. Facebook ad reminds about a given company, service, or product, at the same time making user more aware of its existence.

Facebook and Instagram ad placement

Facebook Ads allow to create universal ads that can be displayed on various devices – personal computers, smartphones, and tablets. The most popular places of displaying adverts are still Facebook and Instagram, with a constantly increasing yet moderate interest in Audience Network, that is a network that gathers various mobile app users.
  1. Facebook feed
  2. Facebook right column
  3. News feed in a mobile app
  4. Instagram sponsored post

Advertising banners do not need to be displayed in several places at once. It all depends on the planned campaign and set goals. It is possible to focus on one area or on a simultaneous communication by means of two channels.

Areas of ad displaying can be set manually or automatically. In the case of the second option the Ads Manager tool will decide where to place an ad for it to reach as many people as possible.

Available ad formats

The simplest ad format that wins the attention of users efficiently. A large graphic element with text makes it possible to create a concise communicate for the recipients. The content can have five lines of text at most, so it is worth thinking of a catchy slogan. At the end of the ad, there may be a customized „call to action” button.

Carousel ad expands the possibilities of presenting goods or services. It allows for publishing any chosen content and prepare an intriguing graphic element. Separate windows do not need to show unrelated photos, but rather – create a visually coherent whole.

Video content is exceptionally appealing for users. One has to know how to prepare it, however. Movie clips are displayed automatically, so their initial section should be designed in such a way to win the attention of the viewer. What is exceptionally important, Facebook supports a limited number of video formats and imposes certain technical requirements that have to be met.

Slideshow is a form that is much more dynamic than a single photo. During ad display period, several pictures can be shown. Said option also allows for providing a user with an appealing animation.

Take care of an appealing message

Regardless of whether you decide to make an ad in the form of a post with a photo or of a video clip, Facebook ad has to be intriguing and engaging. Users frequently browse Facebook newsfeed and are not interested in sponsored materials or adverts. It is worth preparing the content and the look of displayed communicates in an attractive manner for recipients to fell invited to delve into them deeper.

The most visible element of a Facebook ad is a photo or a video clip. It should be taken into account that such graphic elements should be of the highest quality possible. An illegible graphic element may discourage recipients not only to view an ad, but also – to avoid a presented branch or product. The choice of a proper color pallet also matters. Colors that are too bold may cause users to quickly lose interest.

Graphic elements may win the attention of users, but text is of key importance when it comes to maintaining it. A well-thought-out advertising content may allow to send a proper message concerning a product or a service in the form of an intriguing and encouraging slogan. The description should not exceed 90 characters for it to be properly displayed on the screen of both computers and phones.

Expert ad management

Statistical data available on Facebook allow to gather information on users before displaying them an ad, but not only that. Even during a promotional campaign, it is possible to analyze gathered pieces of information and draw conclusions for the future. Numbers and charts make it possible to better adjust the content to the needs and preferences of the recipients.

Have you noticed that a given version of the ad is more appealing to users than a different one? You can always introduce key changes. Campaign can be edited and modified at any point. It can be used by means of Facebook tools, such as: Ads Manager, Business Manager, and Power Editor.

Take advantage of the support of professionals!

An effective FB ad takes time and knowledge. If you happen to lack one or the other, it is a good choice to opt for a Facebook agency. Our work is based on constantly improving the created ad campaigns. We optimize budgets, make and test various creations, and change targets in order for investments in Facebook Ads to be as profitable as possible for our clients. After finishing our tasks, we provide our customers with meticulous and comprehensive reports.