E-commerce SEO

How to optimize an online shop?

E-commerce search engine optimization is complex and time-consuming in character. Achieving top search positions is more difficult in this case than it is with typical websites. It is caused mainly by the specificity of the page – it is based on numerous products offered on various subpages. Undertaken actions have to ensure that each of them is user-friendly and easy to find in Google ranking.

Managing an e-shop is also connected with the necessity to meet legal regulations and issues connected with the technical optimization of the sales platform with regard to search engine requirements. The familiarity with SEO solutions makes it possible to efficiently promote a website in search results and acquire valuable traffic generating conversions. E-commerce is a dynamic branch, the specificity of which depends on users and Google algorithms responsible for displaying search results.

SEO undertakings performed while promoting an online shop

Online shop SEO involves several steps. During the first stage, we perform a professional and detailed technical SEO audit. It allows for specifying errors in the structure of the shop and proposing fixes. What is more, a list of high priority problems that make it impossible for the shop to reach a better position in search results is made.

By using professional tools and taking advantage of our experience, we are capable of spotting key problems and removing them. We perform a meticulous optimization of all the available product categories by optimizing their meta tags, title, description, as well as headers to be search engine-friendly.

Efficient online shop SEO is also connected with installing and configuring such tools as Google Analytics, Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools), and selecting key phrases, which – while selected properly, will generate online shop traffic. We regularly monitor and perform shop analyses, as well as look for new methods of improving conversion rate. During optimizing of product-specific phrases, we take into account constant and trend algorithm-oriented changes.

Promoting an online shop in search results requires preparing unique product and category descriptions that are optimized for keywords. Content should engage users and encourage them to make a purchase – it should provide technical data relating to the product, showcase advantages, as well as point out functionalities. Due to search engine-specific requirements, texts cannot be copied and cannot be taken from the website of the producer. Valuable and interesting product descriptions make it easier to acquire clients and on many occasions also motivate users to finalize the sales process.

Why is it worth optimizing a sales platform?

E-commerce is an especially competitive economy sector. Currently in Poland, there are over 20 thousand online shops and their number is constantly growing – it is estimated that in 2016 alone, over 7,5 thousand shops were registered. Online shopping has become so popular that to be the leader of one’s category, it is required to implement innovative and exceptional solutions. One of the most basic and most frequently recommended undertakings is online shop SEO .

Good and stable position in Google search is a chance to get a greater market share – the value of the e-commerce branch of industry is estimated to be about PLN 36-60 billion. It is a remarkable number and while taking into account forecasts expecting a constant increase of the number of customers of online shops, websites operating on the Net will face the opportunity to increase their revenue and growth dynamics. Success can be achieved by virtually any online shop, providing that proper promotional undertakings will be performed and the platform itself will be neatly adjusted to the needs of both users and search engine.

Benefits of cooperating with a SEO agency

By entrusting the online shop to an experienced SEO expert, the owner can be sure that he or she will receive a proper support and supervision over the visibility of the website in search results. Optimization of individual category subpages, as well as both profitable and poorly performing items may bring the following benefits:
  • Sales platform improvement with regard to search engine requirements,
  • Satisfactory results in the search engine,
  • Valuable website traffic,
  • Conversion rate boost,
  • Increased number of customers,
  • Greater sales revenue,
  • Improvement of the efficiency of sales channels,
  • Boost of brand awareness,
  • Improvement of position in the e-commerce sector.

Managing a website requires a regular approach, taking note of branch-specific trends and user behavioral patterns, as well as changes in search engine algorithms relating to the position of the website in rankings. Thanks to that, it is possible to start achieving successes in such a specific branch as e-commerce.

Take advantage of our experience while promoting a shop

If you would like to promote your online shop, you should definitely contact us. By working on various websites relating to a number of branches of industry, we have obtained a remarkable experience in efficient sales platform SEO . We can perform performance-boosting actions for both small and big online shops. We utilize proprietary, as well as popular CMS systems. While creating a SEO strategy, we always focus on the needs and expectations of clients, especially – increased traffic, conversion rate, or income from sales. We propose tested solutions which have been successfully implemented in other projects.

Even at the stage of the SEO audit, we specify aspects that should be improved in order to increase shop’s position in search results. We look at the website from the point of view of a consumer. Our experts propose changes that should be introduced to the structure of the shop, path to purchase, and navigation. We recommend creating landing pages to redirect customers to, for example, a special offer. What is more, we increase the efficiency of the SEO undertakings by focusing on most challenging phrases. We perform regular analyses to verify the validity of the selected strategy. Perennial experience in the field has taught us a flexible approach to online promotion.

E-commerce SEO costs

We provide an individual valuation for each and every client after meticulously checking the specificity of the website. We check how big the shop is, in what branch of industry it operates, how fierce the competition is, how competitive phrases are, and what the possibilities of the CMS system utilized are. Basing on all that, we create initial cooperation terms. We want the prepared offer to meet the needs of the owner of the e-shop and contribute to achieving success in the field of online commerce.



Subscription / Lump sum – a fixed monthly payment. Within the scope of the service provided, a SEO expert can perform a variety of actions – it is possible to change the list of phrases for which the website is positioned. Such agreement can be terminated with a short notice period.

Subscription + traffic fee – client pays a fixed monthly subscription and a fee based on organic traffic generated by the SEO agency. The concluded agreement specifies a payment per click, which is constant and does not change in the course of cooperation. Within the framework of such a model, the client pays for measurable effects of the SEO service.

Subscription + conversion fee – fixed monthly subscription plus a varying fee depending on the amount of conversions generated on the website of the client. The agreement specifies the price of an individual conversion. Within the scope of cooperation, we do our best to increase the number and rate of conversions.

In all cases, tasks of the experts include technical optimization of the shop, analysis of statistical data, and increasing website popularity by acquiring valuable links and expanding available content. More details on our cooperation models can be found in the SEO price list.

E-shop promotion strategy

While creating a SEO strategy, we approach every shop individually. Within the scope of the service, we perform the following actions:

At the very beginning, we browse the available assortment and prepare a list of phrases for which it is worth optimizing a given website. By using a proper tools (such as Google Keyword Planner), we check what products are most popular among the clients and how customers look for them. We analyze trends, check the seasonal nature of keywords, and recommend changes that should be introduced to the structure of the shop. We utilize the long tail SEO method to adjust the website to various requests of the clients.

While operating in a given branch of industry, one has to adjust to its principles. We check how competitive websites are designed (menu layout, category names, product description length) and propose the best solutions. We analyze SEO practices followed by the competition and specify which actions are the most efficient ones. By tracking branch-specific trends, we can react quickly and adjust the website for the new Google algorithm before the rivals of the entrepreneur learn about the amendments implemented.

We take a proper care to adjust the specificity of the shop to the requirements of the search engine. We prepare comprehensive optimization guidelines covering, among others:

  • Meta tags,
  • H1-H6 headers,
  • URLs,
  • Internal links,
  • XML and HTML map,
  • Graphic elements – its sizes and alt attributes,
  • Loading time shortening,
  • Mobile responsiveness.

The implementation of the proposed changes will help in indexing the website by robots, helping to achieve remarkable results in search result rankings.

We analyze content published in the website of the client. We predominantly check whether or not it is unique. If there is duplicate content, we recommend changing or replacing it. What is more, we provide recommendations relating to content expansion – we specify an optimal number of characters for descriptions, proper keywords, and most efficient headers or content sections. Our experts focus on a comprehensive content – we propose creating video materials presenting the way of using a product on an optimized YouTube channel. We also advise how to manage a shop-oriented blog. Regularly adding new useful articles will surely improve the efficiency of the SEO process.

We realize a well-though-our strategy of link building, acquiring top quality links leading to the website. We utilize such link sources as our own link background, partner websites, topical websites managed by bloggers, branch-specific portals, and social platforms. We regularly analyze link profile to verify the value of linking domains.

By using analytical tools, such as Google Analytics, we check the efficiency of our actions and their impact on website-specific traffic. We analyze basic data – the number of organic sessions, bounce rate, number of new and returning clients – as well as prepare advanced reports by examining conversion paths, user behavioral patterns, most popular products, and social media generating more visits. Basing on the conclusions drawn, we introduce changes to our SEO strategy, for we are determined to realize business goals of our clients.

Increase the visibility of your online shop!

If you own an online shop, its search engine optimization is vital for the platform to be visible for the prospective customers. Aside from ensuing an increased number of new clients, the discussed undertakings guarantees better and more measurable conversion, online promotion, improvement of company’s image, and the possibility of generating more income. If you have an online shop and would like it to reach a high position in Google search, as well as to be attractive for Internet users – contact us! Regardless of the branch of industry you have been operating in, we will help you become more visible and reach more clients.

Feel free to contact us and ask for a free SEO valuation!