AdWords campaigns

What is Google AdWords (Google Ads)?

Google AdWords is an online advertising system, which is based on providing users with sponsored links in Google search results, as well as with banners and text ads on websites of Google advertising network. They are paid for in CPC ( Cost Per Click) and CPM ( Cost Per Mille) terms. Since July 2018, the system is called Google Ads.

AdWords (Google Ads) – forms of advertisements

AdWords or Google Ads campaign is the form of search engine marketing, which allows for showing short advertising texts in search results basing on keywords selected by the advertisers, as well as for linking said ads to specific websites. Advertisers are asked to pay when AdWords ads are clicked by a user, resulting in him or her being redirected to the website of the advertiser. Thanks to such an approach, online ads reach people interested in particular goods or services, as they have been looking for them at the moment of ad presentation.

Text ad in the search engine includes two headlines up to 30 characters, a text field (up to 80 characters), and a displayed URL address (up to 15 characters). They can be accompanied by some extensions, such as: location extensions directing users to business details sections of the website, affiliate location extensions showing the factual address of the advertiser, as well as modules (call extensions) showing advertiser’s phone number and allowing users to call him or her after clicking the “Call” button.

AdWords campaigns are also based on providing users with image ads (banners) in the network of websites cooperating with Google, namely the so-called Google Display Network or GDN, together with video ads on YouTube and Gmail ads.

Forms of Google AdWords advertising we utilize:


Advantages of investing in Google advertising campaigns

Promoting your website via Google AdWords is connected with a number of advantages and therefore – it is one of the most popular form of online advertising utilized in numerous branches of industry. Its main advantages are as follows:

stoper     QUICK EFFECT

Right after launching AdWords (Google Ads) campaign, ads are visible to users and initial prospective customers start visiting advertiser’s website.

elastycznosc     FLEXIBILITY

Google AdWords campaigns can be easily modified by, for example, changing the budget, keywords, or even the content of the ad. Thanks to that, various promotional communicates can be created depending on the current offer.

mierzalnosc     MEASURABILITY

Campaign effects are easy to measure. After a proper configuration of the account, it can be effortlessly checked if a PPC campaign helps achieve a specific goal (for example: increase sales in the online shop).

trafność     PRECISION

Thanks to various promotion methods utilized, Google AdWords ad reaches users interested in a specific product or service.

Reach of AdWords ads

The system allows for selecting virtually any geographical scope for which an effective ad will be provided. Your promotional materials can have a local, regional, national, or international reach. In the case of big cities, it is even possible to tailor Google Ads to specific districts.

Advertising campaign costs

Text ad campaign is typically settled by using the so-called Pay Per Click (PPC ads) model, where a set fee is calculated for every user clicking the ad. The advertiser has to pay only when a given user clicks the ad and is redirected to his or her website. If Google Ads are published on websites of partners (in the form of text ads or banners), it is possible to choose the CPM – Cost Per Mille model, based on fee calculated for every thousand views of a given ad. The AdWords system also allows, under certain conditions, to opt for the CPA – Cost Per Action model, in the case of which payment is calculated for every action performed within the website of the advertiser, for example – a purchase made or user’s contact data saving. Video ads published on YouTube are settle in the CPV – Cost Per View model.

Online promotion by means of AdWords ads allows to change the promotional budget basing on campaign goals and its planned reach. Therefore, such an online advertising form is perfect for big, medium-sized, and even small companies.


How can an agency help with AdWords?

AdWords campaigns are designed in such a way that they can be managed by their creators. However, it turns out that in practice, it is a much better solution to entrust such an undertaking to professional companies, who are capable of optimally utilizing the budget to reach set business goals.

Artefakt professionals undergo regular training sessions and test new solutions. Each and every AdWords account is regularly assessed within the scope of the Google Partners program. A very high efficiency rating and obtained experience prove that we are competent enough to manage advertising campaigns. We are sure that we offer our clients top quality services and have a notable impact on the development of their businesses. AdWords agencies may be awarded with Google certificates. Thanks to remarkable qualifications, our agency has been granted a prestigious status of Google Premier Partner given to best Google partners.


What actions are undertaken by a SEM expert?

Within the framework of our campaign management service, we prepare, configure, as well as regularly monitor and optimize Google Ads campaigns. Every client has his or her own supervisor. Our AdWords experts are capable of providing customers with tips on what types of campaigns to start with, what keywords to choose, and how much to invest for AdWords ads to allow to achieve desired outcomes. Afterwards, the AdWords professional prepares a campaign by taking into consideration business goals provided by the client, supervises its course, and introduces all the necessary changes to improve the efficiency of a given campaign. All said actions executed are under client’s control. He or she receives a comprehensive report informing about campaign’s effects every month.

AdWords / Google Ads campaign management – price list

When it comes to the AdWords management service, the total cost to be incurred by the advertiser includes promotional budget set and agency fee. At Artefakt, the monthly fee for managing a standard sponsored links campaign is equal to 15% of budget spent, but no less than PLN 300. In the case of utilizing various campaign types, the fee increases as well. More information on Artefakt’s fee can be found in our Price List.

Ad formats

The AdWords (Google Ads) system allows for promoting a website by means of a number of advertisement formats, each of which has its own unique advantages and should be used to promote a specific type of offers. One of the most popular formats are text ads (sponsored link) based on providing users with content via Google search engine. Their major advantage is the simplicity of making them and the possibility of taking advantage of them in various branches of industry. Thanks to the available extensions, said ads can be supplemented with additional, useful pieces of information.

Shopping campaigns are also shown in Google search results, but the discussed format is suitable for promoting online shops only. The aforementioned promotional materials have the form of boxes including the photo of an item, its name, price, and brand. After clicking the box, a user is taken directly to the product page in the online shop and can make a purchase instantly. It is one of the most efficient forms of promotion that increases sales in e-shops.

Yet another popular AdWords format are image ads, the so-called banners. Their main benefit is the fact that they make it possible to showcase advertiser’s offer in a visual manner. Such materials are published in the advertising network having a remarkable reach. Thanks to that, the advertiser can boost brand awareness and win the interest of a wide group of people.

Responsive display ads are promotional materials published in Google advertising network that adjust themselves to the currently available advertising space. They may take the form of a text or a image ad, as well as change their design and size. Responsive display ads are easy to make and notably increase campaign’s reach.

App campaigns are used to promote mobile apps. They can be displayed both in a search engine and in the Google Display Network.

Call-only ads are similar to their text counterparts. What makes them different is the fact that they are displayed on smartphones only and after clicking them, the user can contact the advertiser by phone.

AdWords campaign types

AdWords ad campaigns can be divided into several main types, depending on the place they are displayed and goals they serve to achieve. The basic division of Google ads is all about distinguishing campaigns using various promotional networks: search engine, advertising network (GDN), and YouTube. A more detailed classification distinguishes 6 campaign types:

  • Search engine only
  • Advertising network only
  • Search engine combined with Google Display Network
  • Shopping campaign
  • Instream video
  • Universal app campaign

Ways of calculating advertising costs

Google Ads are typically settled in the CPC manner, which is based on a set Cost Per Click. The price depends mainly on competition willing to reach the same group of users the advertiser does, as well as on the quality of the ad itself.

For each and every advertising spot, ranging from Google search result page, up to an advertising network box, an auction for ads of competing advertisers is organized. The possibility or inability to display a given ad in the Google AdWords system is dependent mainly on the CPC rate that the advertiser is willing to pay per click and on the Quality Ranking of such ad. Maximal CPC rate can be set by the advertiser himself or herself, as well as by the AdWords system by means of one of many available automatic rate settings.

Choice and optimization of campaign-specific keywords

The choice of proper keywords is exceptionally important when it comes to campaign’s efficiency. In order for ads for certain phrases searched by prospective clients to be displayed, the advertiser has to initially specify what needs his or her offer can satisfy and how his or her clients may look for it. If keywords are too broad or ambiguous, a Google AdWords will generate low quality traffic for the advertiser. On the other hand, keywords that are too specific are used by a bunch of users only, so there will not enough clicks to reach a set goal, for example, in the form of sales boost.

What is a keyword planner?

Keyword planner is a tool made available by Google, the aim of which is to look for proper keywords to base an AdWords campaign on. Thanks to said tool, it is possible to create a list of terms connected with a particular offer and gather information on forecasted costs of clicking individual keywords. The keyword planner also displays data on a number of monthly searches of selected phrases, but in order to gain access to such data, one has to have an active Google campaign.

Specifying results of Google Ads

The AdWords allows for exactly specifying the efficiency of managed campaigns thanks to the conversion measurement option. Conversion is understood in this case as the performance of an action desired by the advertiser by the user taking advantage of the displayed ad. It may have the form of making a purchase in the online shop, filling in a contact form, downloading a price list, or signing in for a newsletter. If the Google Ads account is configured properly, we can measure conversions for individual campaigns, advertisement groups, keywords, and other methods of ad forwarding. Thanks to that, it is possible to stop ineffective campaigns and relocate budget to those that will generate more conversions.

How to find a certified Google Partner?

Google has launched the Google Partners program, which is based on acknowledging agencies with a remarkable experience in managing AdWords campaigns and with employees that have passed the required Google Ads tests. Artefakt has been participating in the program for many years and has been awarded with a prestigious Google Premier Partner status. A certified Google partner can be found by using a search engine. After selecting preferred options and location, the user will be presented with a list of companies recommended by Google together with their contact data.

Acquire new clients thanks to Google AdWords!

Thanks to the AdWords system, your business can quickly acquire new online clients. All you have to do is to tell us about your goals. We will select proper campaign types and will optimize them in such a way to ensure you the biggest return of investment. We will utilize tested techniques and try out innovative methods that no other advertiser has tried yet. Just trust our experience – we have finished hundreds of successful campaigns!