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Presence in Google results is an excellent form of promotion. Your offer will reach people interested in the product exactly when they are looking for information about it. Hundreds of factors influence positions. The positioning company analyses them on an ongoing basis and indicates what to pay attention to.

Positioning takes time. You will see the effects of advertising campaigns in the search engine immediately. SEM specialists select the right keywords and write interesting advertisements. We suggest optimal management methods, thanks to which you will effectively reach any target group.

Nowadays, we spend more time in front of the computer than watching TV. A large part of it, is the activity in social media. This opens up huge opportunities for promotion. Our SMM specialists create engaging content on profiles and effectively advertise products and services on Facebook.

The online advertising environment is changing incredibly fast. Website analysis allows you to see changes in trends, identify errors and optimise advertising budgets. Thanks to data from Google Analytics you will get to know your customers better.


Our SEM agency has been a Google Partner for many years. Our specialists regularly pass exams and certificates confirm that they have the most up-to-date knowledge of AdWords services.


In 2014 we were awarded for the high growth of the company’s value.


We have a real impact on sales according to Media&Marketing Polska research.


We qualified for the finals of the Google Premier Partner Awards competition.

Our partners about us:

We have been cooperating with Artefakt since 2014. We appreciate their professionalism and exceptional commitment. Artefakt team meets our needs. Their AdWords campaign worked very well, as did the positioning of our website.

Tomasz Wilczyński, wilczynsky.pl

We hereby confirm the reliability and professionalism of Artefakt Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. We used Artefakt services in the scope of Google AdWords and Facebook Ads advertising. During this period we have had the opportunity to convince ourselves of the high competence and commitment of the entire AdWords and ePR team that took care of our campaigns.

Agata Fijałkowska, TVN

During our contact with Artefakt Sp. z o.o. agency we have repeatedly found out that the company is an excellent example of a professional approach to the customer and his needs. In difficult situations, employees always demonstrate a substantive approach and in-depth knowledge of issues related to the realities of website positioning services.

Marta Damasiewicz, Organique

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No idea is good for ever. Conducting campaigns for your company, we will analyse the situation on an ongoing basis and draw conclusions.

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We help to measure website traffic and visitor parameters, as well as the effectiveness of marketing activities in generating valuable customers.


Working closely to you, our team will develop a tailor-made multi-channel marketing strategy that will increase conversions and sales.


We would like to inform you in detail how your marketing expenses are invested.


We provide you with a team of specialists who will effectively implement your online marketing strategy. You can rely on it as if it were your own.

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We are an experienced team of analysts, copywriters, programmers, SEO and SEM specialists. We work with passion. Thanks to it we are able to achieve above-average results.

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